Let's Get Happy!

There are so many reasons to “be happy.” After all, that is what we are here to do!  Our world has given us life; air to breathe, water to drink, sunlight to warm us, soil to nourish the food we grow and nourish our bodies - our beautiful selves!  It’s what we choose to do with all of our blessings that matter.  Every day we wake up is a new day to enjoy, learn and grow.  

Do you want to enjoy your life, every day?  Well, you have come to the right place because today, and every day, there are reasons to enjoy yourself and be happy!  

A “happy activity” is an action we consciously choose to do make us happy and celebrate our lives every day!  Let’s focus our happy activities today so we may enjoy each and every little thing we do with love in our hearts and smiles on our faces.  For our first activity, let’s make the simple act of smiling a priority today. Put a smile on your face for all to see. It’s contagious you know, just like a yawn. 

After quite a bit of thought about obtaining an authentic, deeply happy, I realized this is something that comes from within.  If we stimulate all of our senses to make happy activities worth doing we would do them EVERY DAY.  When our body thanks us, it shows for all to see!   And that’s what we want today!  To create our master SMILE that shows and glows through all of our senses!

So how do we fill up our happy tanks before we go fishing for smiles today? We want to catch some big ones! Let’s celebrate the things that will instantly make us happy, by starting with our senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste).  Our senses often work together to give us a clear picture of the things around us. What better way than to design a foolproof route to find this prize willing smile, our best happy!

Let’s get started with a couple of examples of how I use my senses to harness my happy and plan happy activities throughout my day.  In terms of hearing, vocal or instrumental sounds combine in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music has been scientifically proven to elevate our mood. Surely everyone loves some kind of music!  Let’s explore the sense of hearing further. Is there someone’s voice in particular that soothes you?  Someone you would like to listen to daily? How about someone you love that you have in your life right now or someone that is no longer with us? 

My special person is my father. I don't get to see him every day because we live in different states, however, I can call him and hear his voice whenever I like (And I do!). I remember something from my childhood that always started my day off happy and it was him waking me up in the morning.  He had a memorable fun way of doing it that warmed my heart.  He would sing “Twinkle Toes, wakie wakie Twinkle Toes, time to get up!”  And he would sing it while tickling my toes at the same time.  It was fun and energizing, it made me laugh first thing in the morning.  The last time I visited my father, I asked him if he would be interested in helping his firstborn with a voice clip! Naturally, he agreed.  I now wake myself up happy with my father’s voice, singing to me.

Having this voice clip is one of my favourite happy affirmations to listen to besides music.  Your list of sound is yours to design is any way you like, whatever makes YOU happy!  I encourage you to refresh your list and keep it updated, after all, we can always use more happy!  Begin by choosing your favourite 5 favourite songs that are sure to make you feel happy!

The next sense to focus on is sight.  Is there something you'd like to see that makes you feel good?  I think the best thing you can ever put on your face is your smile. Why not walk over to the mirror right now and embrace your beauty?  Just try it. Look at you, you are radiant!  Bless your body today with a smile, it’s a healthy activity. 

What can you touch, smell, and/or taste today that really fills your heart with joy and makes you smile?  I’d love to hear about it! (note: link last sentence to the comments section).

What you put out there to the world you get back.  Let’s see how many smiles you can catch today with yours... let’s go fishing! Fishing for smiles!  Why not, it’s a happy day and all we have to do is go fishing!  

Happily Yours,