How Christmas Music Changed My Life

How I found Christmas music made me happier that most anything Ive been exposed to before in my life.  

About 4 years ago I read a book called "Thank and Grow Rich" by Pam Grout.  This was one of my 10 min reads in the morning to start my day off right.  It was filled with experiments on how you can test the universe to become happier yourself.  On this particular day it was about how the tides work, when you give you shall receive, which Ive heard many times before in church.  So that day I was to get as much as I could in $5 dollar bills and attach a note to each that reads "To he who finds this, this is just a small token of how much you are loved." I gathered $100 in $5 bills and attached the note.  I went from Belmont to San Carlos posting these love notes with money all throughout 2 cities.

Posting on the sides of buildings, bus stop benches, car doors, windows, telephone poles, street signs and anywhere in plane site for people to find.  I began to think about the kids getting out of school and finding one and what they would do with it.  Would they run to the candy store? Go to grab a Starbucks beverage? Run home to show their parents?  Jump up and down like they had just won the lottery?  What if a homeless person might find it and suddenly feel like there is hope for something better.  Perhaps someone might be having a really bad day and on the way to end it all when they look up and there's a cute little note of happy?  Would they suddenly feel like there is a reason to live? All of these thoughts filled my head and at that moment something amazing happened, I started humming Christmas Caroles. It caught me off guard because I rarely just start humming anything.  This wasn't because I had an annoying song stuck in my head, it was because I was giving and I was thinking thoughts of seeing someone become happy and receiving.  Giving, love and happiness reminds me of Christmas time.  I thought to myself, so this is what happy feels like.  The next day I started waking myself up to Christmas Caroles to shape the day before me with little highlights of happiness. I hope you can experiment with giving because it does bring something out of us that sometimes has been buried for a long time.