Your 6th sense

I realized that when I'm in my favorite happy place which is sitting on the beach in hawaii, its stimulating all of my five senses happy all at the same time! What a cool realization, so now its time to stimulate those senses all happy at the same time all throughout your day, everyday! Visually, sense, tastes, touches and hearing.  How do we do that? Simple! By creating your space so perfectly that you love every minute of it. Sure sometimes things can be little off, but its progress not perfection always!  After all we are human, and we are human beings, not human-doings.

A great mentor and friend on mine Pamela Cantor had said that to me once when I was complaining that I wasn't getting enough done. She said, "Em we are human beings not human-doings."  She is a smarty pants that's for sure!  Always bringing me right back to a mindful place. 

So lets get started, feet in the warm sand (touch),  warm sun on skin (touch) the sound of the ocean the waves (sound) tropical Hawaiian music (sound)  A refreshing drink in hand (taste)  The tropical air salty hair from the warm salt water (smell).  The Hawaiian flowers all over the place (smell) And the smell of tropicana tanning oil ( YEAH!)  I am at the beach baby!  My happy place. 

My happy place has triggered me happy through all of my five senses and when those all connect I believe it makes the 6th sense complete the human mind to be in the zone, to be in the universal flow which will bring more of what your subconscious  wants.

The last time I noticed my wishes appearing in my life that I wanted were appearing effortlessly.  I am meditating 2 times a day for clearing out the excess garbage and when Im creating something within my hobbies, I believe I am in the zone.  When I am in the zone I believe its due to my 5 senses creating my 6th sense to complete my happy.  Try this for yourself.  I can wait to hear how it works for you. :)